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BBVA Compass 5% Cash Rebate

BBVA Compass Build-to-Order Checking

Here’s another way to earn a cash bonus for opening a new checking account.

Sign-up at BBVA Compass Bank and get a 5% rebate on gas, grocery and utility bills paid by check card.

New customers can qualify for up to $50 in rebates a month, and the offer runs through August. So open an account now, and you could get back as much as $150 by the end of summer.

The bank’s Build-to-Order checking account is kind of intriguing, too.

There are no monthly fees or minimum balances to worry about, and you can choose up to two premium features at no extra charge.

Let’s say want free, unlimited use of any ATM. Make that one of your premium features. Or what if you want to continue getting that 5% rebate after the summer is over. You can make that your second premium feature.

If you want more than two premium features, that’s OK, but each additional one costs $2 a month.

Earning interest on your balance is the one premium feature to definitely skip. The bank is paying a pathetic 0.05%.

To open an account you have to live in a state where BBVA Compass has branches: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Texas.

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