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Banner Bank 2.75% 15-Month CD

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you can take advantage of this special offer.

Banner Bank is paying 2.75% on a 15-month certificate of deposit with a one time bump.

That means your rate could go up if Banner offers a higher rate on 15-month CDs anytime before your CD matures.

We don’t think step-up CDs offer a lot of additional value.

But this is a very good interest rate for a CD this short — almost twice the national average of 1.55% for 24-month CDs.

You can apply on-line or go to any of Banner’s 86 branches in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. But you must be a resident of those states to open an account.

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  1. said:
    on April 22nd at 01:19 pm

    GMAC is giving 2.75% on 12 month maturities

  2. said:
    on April 24th at 10:29 am

    I second BankVibe on the GMAC thing. For 18 months you get 2.70% APY