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Bankaholic on Fox News!

Reader Sharon R. pointed out that Bankaholic was featured on Fox News TV in Tampa Bay, Florida on their 10pm nightly news segment.

UPDATE: HUGE thanks to Jonathan Green for helping me save the video and paste it here.

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  1. John Hamilton said:
    on March 26th at 04:32 am

    I live in the Tampa Bay area, and I checked it out. Now if you could just do a site for mortgages, we’d be set.

  2. said:
    on March 26th at 05:50 am

    That’s in the works! 😉

  3. paul said:
    on March 27th at 04:26 pm

    I don’t know if being featured on Fox is a compliment.

  4. Andrew said:
    on March 28th at 06:18 am

    Any idea when that mortgage site will be launched??

  5. said:
    on March 28th at 09:51 am

    We’re shooting for August. Mortgages are really complicated so it takes a lot of time to get a user-friendly system going.

  6. simplicio said:
    on April 1st at 09:08 pm

    Look I love this site, but is being featured on FAUX News really a good thing?

  7. said:
    on April 2nd at 06:02 am

    “Any publicity is good publicity” haha