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winner.jpg UPDATE (9/21/07): Winners of Credit Arbitrage Announced!
First 5 Unique Fact Winners . . .

  • Bill
  • marc
  • Brad B.
  • Smansky
  • tomfox

I will be emailing the winners to get their shipping addresses!

Some shout-outs to the entries that didn’t win…

vp – Although you were the first entry, there are actually more than 75 pages. I have the actual book and the last page is numbered 86.
Vijay – There is a copyright on this book.
marylandterps – Oh man, you could have won if you had posted a fact! Try again in our next contest!
JC – VERY interesting fact! Definitely one of the more creative answers. Please try again next time also!

That’s all folks. Thanks for participating in this book giveaway. There will be more of these freebie contests in the near future, so keep checking back!

morse.jpg My good friend Joe Morse has authored a book about credit arbitrage.

“Credit arbitrage is the method of taking advantage in the disparities between interest rates in the marketplace. Consumers can utilize low-interest debt to actually earn money-this book will show you how. Morse takes a simple, three-step approach to converting credit cards from an expense into a moneymaking tool.”

In other words, Joe’s book teaches you how to borrow money for “free” using credit card 0% APR promotions, and invest this money in high yield vehicles like money markets, bonds, and futures.

I bought the book last week, and I while I was reading the book, I was pleased to see that he recommended Bankaholic’s Money Market Interest Rate Table on page 45 of the book. I took a picture of the page, sorry it’s a little blurry.


Anyway, to help spread the word about Joe’s book, he has agreed to let me giveaway FIVE COPIES of his book, Credit Arbitrage: How To Take Advantage of the People Who Are Trying To Take Advantage of You.

Here’s how to win one of FIVE copies of the book.

  1. Click here to see his Credit Arbitrage book at Amazon.
  2. Find one interesting fact about the book from the Amazon listing. The more unique, the fact is, the better!
  3. Reply with your interesting fact in a comment to this post.
  4. The first five users with UNIQUE facts will win a free copy of the book.

To make things interesting, I will HIDE COMMENTS on this post until Friday, September 21, 2007. On September 21, 2007, I will reveal all the comments, so we can determine the first 5 people who reply with 5 unique facts about the book. Only 1 entry per user, please.

To get you thinking, here’s a freebie fact to get you started (and no, you can’t use this example as your entry): FACT – The price of this book is $5.99.

OK, your turn! The quicker and more creatively you reply, the greater the chance you have of winning.

Winners will be announced September 21!

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Comments (19)
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19 Existing Comments
  1. vp said:
    on September 17th at 07:50 am

    The book is 75 pages long with five parts and one appendix.

  2. Bill said:
    on September 17th at 11:56 am

    Morse isn’t a certified planner, but his advice is sound though it’s not commonplace.

  3. marc said:
    on September 17th at 12:52 pm

    the book weighs 6.6 oz (which coincidentally is the weight of a Beef Burrito at Taco Johns, according to their nutritional information)

  4. Vijay said:
    on September 17th at 02:42 pm

    The book has no copyright — Does it mean we can get it free not just the free 5???

  5. marylandterps said:
    on September 17th at 03:29 pm

    Game over! It’s too late! I don’t want the book! When something is printed for the masses the opportunity is done. (i.e. don’t chase performance & hot stocks/funds). My arbitrage deals are ending soon & new good deals are getting harder to find (deals with no or low balance transfer fees & long time frames). Save the $5.99 & go buy that forbidden Starbucks Latte.

  6. Brad B. said:
    on September 17th at 04:46 pm

    Well, I make a habit of not reading to the bottom of things, so I just now realized you poo-poo’d on my post, but here is is anyways.. :

    What’s interesting to me on this book, by purchasing for $5.95, you’re earning a ROI of 504% (assumptions based upon user comment of earning $250/mo after reading and implementing.. That’s $33/page, and almost $1,100 per pound!!!! (based upon 6.6oz shipping weight).. That book is worth it’s weight in gold!

    Although, I’d be losing out on $250-$375 if this book ships out in the 4-6 weeks Amazon is stating on the site.. Ship sooner people!!!

  7. Smansky said:
    on September 17th at 05:28 pm

    The only review of the book posted so far is by Sandy Winnich, CFP. I find it very interesting that an accredited financial professional (“Certified Financial Planner”) would endorse such a non-traditional investment strategy, but I find it comforting that she would. My main concern about trying the strategy myself is the potential effect on my credit score.

    BTW, if that doesn’t count as a unique fact, the shipping weight is 6.6 oz.

  8. tomfox said:
    on September 17th at 06:01 pm

    FACT: the book has 92 pages

  9. Thinh said:
    on September 17th at 08:43 pm

    This sounds like it might be a good book. One interesting fact about it is you can earn money out of nothing really. All you have to do is transfer the money from the credit card(s) to your bank account and let it sit there for a while. The credit card(s) should have 0% APR for as long as possible (12 months usually) and no finance charges. I thought about this too and wasn’t going to do it until I get a really high credit line.

  10. Ricard Urban said:
    on September 18th at 02:25 am

    It worth the price. $5.99. I would probably be saving thousands.

  11. Artem Verdiyan said:
    on September 18th at 08:15 am

    The book is printed only after you order it and is shipped within two business days. Very interesting. Normally the books are mass produced, but it looks like this book is printed only after the order. Or so it says.

  12. JC said:
    on September 18th at 10:58 am

    Has the same date (published) as the total lunar eclipse (August 28 2007) visible over the Americas, the Pacific, eastern Asia, and Australasia.

  13. Diane said:
    on September 18th at 03:03 pm

    Fact: Sandy Winnich of Arlington, Texas gives the book 5 stars!

  14. Matt said:
    on September 18th at 06:46 pm

    While it will take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to ship Joe’s book from Amazon, gift wrapping is available!

  15. travis said:
    on September 18th at 10:16 pm

    The book demensions are 9 x 6 x 0.2 inches.

  16. barry brown said:
    on September 18th at 10:35 pm

    the book mentions that you can extend your 0 percent interest longer then12 months by just calling the customer service rep and stating that you are giving up the card or that you are not happy with their service!!. You have to ask for a supr. and then claim that you are going elswhere. It works!! ive done it and got an extra 4 months.

  17. Anastasia said:
    on September 19th at 02:11 am

    One interesting thing about the book is, it will tell you how to MAKE MONEY off of credit cards, instead of losing money! Now that’s something I’d be interested in seeing! 🙂

  18. Benedict Chan said:
    on September 19th at 07:57 pm

    You can make $250 a month off “ad-in arbitrage” and is written by HTTAPWATTAY.

  19. Barbara said:
    on September 20th at 06:42 pm

    Unique fact: Customers who bought this book also bought The 4 Hour Workweek.