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Bank of America $75 Checking Account

Bank of America is running a $75 bonus promotion on their MyAccess checking account.

Quick Steps to $75:

  1. Open your new MyAccess Checking® account online with offer code CH75TAD
  2. Fund your new account with $25 within 30 days
  3. Receive your $75 within 90 days of account opening

This is a nice deal from a sound bank. The only drawback is that since this is a checking account, you earn little to no interest on your deposit (unlike a savings account or CD account).

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  1. joe said:
    on July 4th at 08:05 pm

    I wouldn’t called it a drawback since its only $25 that u have to deposit. How much interest are u going to earn on $25.

    Looks like easy $75 bucks.

  2. joe said:
    on July 4th at 08:09 pm

    only drawback is that you have to be a bank of America credit card holder.

  3. tom said:
    on July 4th at 09:09 pm

    the good news is that boa has multiple credit card offers that give you $50 for signing up- I just got $50 for their am ex card.

  4. tom said:
    on July 4th at 09:11 pm

    this is so much better than the citibank offer

  5. luke said:
    on July 5th at 01:59 pm

    Requires monthly direct deposit made to your account, or $5.95 monthly maintenance fee.

  6. Jesse said:
    on July 5th at 02:03 pm

    Luke, it specifically says NO direct deposit required and no fee. Where are you getting your info from?

  7. tom said:
    on July 5th at 04:23 pm

    jesse’s right

  8. kimiyasdad said:
    on July 5th at 07:45 pm

    if i have gotten this offer before in the past, can i get it again?

  9. Johnny Quest said:
    on July 5th at 09:01 pm

    A $5.95 monthly “maintanence” fee will be charged to accounts that do not have direct deposit.

  10. Johnny Quest said:
    on July 5th at 09:03 pm


  11. Al said:
    on July 5th at 10:16 pm

    The monthly maintanence fee only applies if you open it in a branch. Opening an account online has no fee.

  12. tom said:
    on July 5th at 11:05 pm

    kimiyasdad said:
    on July 5th at 07:45 pm

    if i have gotten this offer before in the past, can i get it again?

    -yes you can, but here’s the catch: the offer is only valid once per household every 6 months. so…. if the last time you did this offer it was more than 6 months ago, then you can do it again. ALSO- you can’t be a current checking account customer, so you have to close your checking account before signing up again.

  13. Craig said:
    on July 7th at 02:36 pm

    You get a check card with the offer. However, if you don’t use BoA atms they sock you with a $2 ATM fee per withdrawal. So, be sure you either have BoA close by (I didn’t) or transfer cash out through ACH bank transfer.

  14. tom said:
    on July 8th at 02:21 am

    craig- don’t transfers out via ACH cost $3?

  15. Craig said:
    on July 8th at 01:46 pm

    Hi Tom,

    Good point. They might if initiated through BoA; I hooked up the account to another bank that has pulls from external accounts for free (E*Trade).

  16. tom said:
    on July 8th at 02:37 pm

    that’s a really good idea. i was thinking of doing the same with my E*trade account, but was afraid about fees. i will definitely try that now.

  17. Larry said:
    on July 8th at 06:03 pm

    I closed out BOA’s previous bonus with an ACH transfer that left a zero balance and they’re now asking me to pay a $3.00 fee (I had assumed they were going to deduct the $3.00 from the transfer. I told them to forget about it.
    Now, they’re paying me back. I paid off their credit card with a 4K balance and they took another $1,847. from my MMA savings and haven’t refunded it for over a week! They just sent me an e-mail saying “they are very sorry when their customers get frustrated and they understand” but didn’t mention anything about repaying the $1847!! Guess they’re holding it for ransom until I pay the $3.00. I’ll never forget the sorry brick/mortar BOA bank account I closed out 10 years ago-they took an hour to close it while remarking “we can’t believe you want to close your account with us.” 🙂 They’re driven WASPS like me away-that’s why they’re pursuing the illegal alien market now. I will take another $75.00 from them, however, since their stupid management has run them so far down they’re desperate.

  18. tom said:
    on July 9th at 07:37 am

    lol. i just went into a branch today to close out my account so i could do this offer. there was only one other customer in the bank and i had to wait about 10 minutes just to talk to someone, then it still took forever to close. the dude kept on trying to give me reasons why i shouldn’t close the account, saying, and i quote, “you can’t close the account” because i need a local bank to make quicker deposits than with etrade. i felt like i was at a timeshare promotion.

  19. deb said:
    on July 9th at 07:40 pm

    Let me tell you something… their customer service is among the worst I’ve encountered! I opened a no fee $75 bonus checking account with a minimum $100 deposit on line in early May, and the CSRs I spoke to on the phone STEADFASTLY REFUSED to credit the bonus, no matter what I said. Finally, I went to the local branch, and spoke to the manager, who agreed I had fulfilled all of the requirements for getting the bonus (they tried to say I was a previous B of A checking customer years ago, and the bonus only applied to “first accounts,” which it clearly did not say in the ad), and I should be getting it soon. So caveat emptor when it comes to B of A — make sure you save EVERY SCRAP OF PAPER AND PRINT OUT EVERY SCREEN AND ALL REQUIREMENTS AND OTHER DETAILS IF YOU APPLY ONLINE. And good luck!

  20. R. Carr said:
    on July 10th at 07:33 am

    Seems like a nice promo … sucks I already have a firstchoice gold account (that I don’t want to cancel). Any loopholes I can find my way into?

  21. tom said:
    on July 12th at 03:17 am

    what’s a firstchoice account?

  22. Sue said:
    on July 16th at 06:38 am

    Thanks for the tip. That was easy. Took about 10 minutes. I used my BOA credit card to fund it. 10 minutes for $75 isn’t bad.

  23. Larry said:
    on July 16th at 05:09 pm

    If you already have a BOA credit card, please take advantage of this offer. I’m doing it again to recoup stings BOA has foisted upon me. I admit to the sin of not reading the fine print every month (you should due to the many changes banks are making to enhance their profits). I just discovered that BOA charges you interest on a balance pay off. You must have had a zero balance the previous month to avoid additional interest on a zero balance the next month. How do they justify this? I had a promo 2.99% rate that expired 6/30/2008. I paid it off and now find that they charged me $23.36 (at my normal rate) because I didn’t have a zero balance the previous month. This amounts to a pre-payment penalty!! And, to rub some salt in the wound they billed me an additional $1847 from my WAMU MMA in error. This error also caused a $10 charge from WAMU since it was the 7th transaction in the billing period at WAMU!! Online BOA would not correct this error. I kept getting phone replies that it was “under investigation”. I went to the local BOA branch yesterday and got it via a cash advance that they promise to refund the charges on. We’ll see. Office of the Comptroller rules state that a bank must correct mistakes in 10 business days except under extenuating circumstances in which they have 45 days to investigate things like fraud. BOA didn’t comply with the 10 day rule and in my case had no intention to do so since they failed to respond to several e-mails. Their one reply stated “we’re sorry for the inconvenience”-nothing said about resolving the mistake. So, I encourage everyone to take advantage of this offer to pay BOA back for ripping customers off.

  24. Larry said:
    on July 16th at 05:15 pm

    I forgot to mention above, that I’m seriously considering a small claims court-maybe a higher court if an attorney is interested- against BOA for their blatant failure to comply with OCC regulations, and the penaly imposed by their error, the loss of interest, and my time and stress.

  25. o said:
    on July 18th at 08:47 pm

    i’m with you larry

  26. Jonny said:
    on July 19th at 02:28 am

    Does it work only if you are a bank of america customer? I signed up but I’m wondering if I will get the bonus.

  27. o said:
    on July 19th at 04:49 pm

    yeah dude, u have to have a boa credit card or did u miss that part?

  28. Andy said:
    on July 30th at 09:29 pm

    It is tempting indeed with $75 bonus. I read in previous comments and got puzzled. Is it required (a) a direct deposit each month to avoid a fee of $5 and (b) is a BofA credit card required ?

  29. Adam said:
    on August 9th at 01:22 am

    Does anybody actually go to the websites that offer these deals and read all of the fine print or do you just lazily accept what is posted in the comment sections?? If I were going to take advantage of this, I would, without a doubt, read every line of every page for catches. There are no fees if you open MyAccess checking online. It says that blatantly in the advertisement at the beginning of this article. You have to be a BofA credit card holder to qualify. You are given the opportunity to take advantage of this offer in Online Banking, if you use it. You must make a $25 deposit within 30 days of account approval. You also must use the offer code when applying ONLINE. THATS IT. Found all of this out ON MY OWN in ten minutes on BofA website. Its easy money, but don’t get lazy trying to get it.

  30. Brian said:
    on September 23rd at 04:53 pm

    I opend this but have not recieved my 75 bucks yet…if anyone else opened one how long did it take??

  31. Steve said:
    on September 26th at 03:44 am

    @ Brian: I’m in the same situation. Opened my account in July and it yet to be 90 days but was wondering should I try giving them a call anyway?

  32. Chi said:
    on October 8th at 05:15 am

    Me too. I just emailed them, and they are giving me the run-around and saying that if I didn’t input the code, they can’t give it to me. I know the code was there, cuz when I clicked on the link the code field was pre-inputted, but apparently I didn’t save the confirmation page, or else I can’t find it, so I might be out of luck there.

  33. BeKind said:
    on October 18th at 09:16 pm

    I filled out the application, code pre-inputted. As I filled out application, chat box opened to speak with rep. I asked if you needed to be the primary cardholder because I am a secondary cardholder of a Bank of America credit card. The person said I qualified. I asked the person to verify, I was told yes again. I didn’t know it then but you can print the chat. Wish I had because after I opened the account I emailed to get it in writing. I got the run around twice. I called and I was told to wait and see in 90 days. I asked to speak to someone else and they said as a secondary cardholder, I do not qualify. I closed the account. I do not like being misled.

  34. BeKind said:
    on October 19th at 06:05 pm

    …so then we tried to open account under primary cardholder, we still want the checking to link to credit card online. We were told we don’t qualify for bonus because I had just opened an account last week, there’s the six month, one per household stipulation. I never signed the signature card for the account opened last week and I closed it once I was told that I no longer qualify. They won’t consider that account null and void, and make up for the mistake made on their part.