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Bank of America $75 Checking Account


Bank of America is running cash bonus for signing up for their checking account. Simply open a new checking account with the promotional code: AOU260208

According to the fine print, you must be a first time Bank of America customer. The good thing about this deal is that it doesn’t seem like you have to sign up for direct deposit to quality for the bonus.

This deal is valid online and also in brick & mortar branches. If you decide to goto your local Bank of America, you should print out a copy of the website to show to the bank teller.

Offer expires April 30, 2008.

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  1. Bob said:
    on February 20th at 02:40 pm

    I wouldn’t do business with these people if the offer were $575. Is anybody so lacking in integrity and desperate for $75 to do business with Nations Bank, the nastiest people in the financial services industry masquerading as BofA? These people have ripped off tens of thousands of the dumbest Americans with their sub-prime scams. Nations Bank where the words Customer Service shall never be uttered together in the same sentence. Get a life everybody it’s time push back instead of being rolled over!

  2. Nic said:
    on February 20th at 05:12 pm

    I honestly don’t care about those who have been ripped off by the sub-prime scams. It doesn’t effect me, and furthermore this is another method of Darwinism filtering. Those who can’t read, right, or understand basic money management skills should be filtered out, as they hurt our economy.

    Kind regards,

  3. Mark said:
    on February 20th at 07:12 pm

    Don’t waste your time with these folks. They have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL! I made the mistake of signing up for the last one. 4 months later, still no check or deposit. 3 times they took my phone # and promised to get back to me within 48 hours with an answer. Each time the customer service rep must have been playing online poker instead of listening. I never did receive a call and each time they had to ask the same questions again. Do yourself a favor and just open up an Etrade or similar savings account when they offer a $25 sign up bonus. Less trouble and you actually earn a respectable interest rate. I have more respect for used car salesmen and lawyers than BOA.

  4. oliver said:
    on February 20th at 10:24 pm

    i second mark’s motion! i got a 8-month cd with boa, which matured feb 4th. i went in 10 days later to get my money, and they told me there would be a $40 penalty to withdraw it! when i asked why, they informed me that i had only 7 days to come and withdraw it otherwise it would be renewed automatically. they said that that was all in the fine print when i purchased my $10,000 CD, as if i read all 35 pages of it. they never told me i had only 7 days to get it. worse yet, they renewed it at a rate of 1.80%!!! even with todays interest rates, that is ridiculous. eventually, they agreed to give me 3.25% annual yield, but still would not waive the penalty. i really hate boa, this was not my first bad experience with them. i recommend taking advantage of this offer and milking all the money you can from these jerks!

  5. Norilyn said:
    on February 23rd at 05:59 am

    Bank of America is a con. They will not honor what they say about you getting $100 when you open an account. Its all Con. False Advertising. They will pull something out of their ass to get away from paying the $100 that they promise you.

  6. oliver said:
    on February 24th at 10:14 am

    i’ve always gotten the bonus money from them but they still suck

  7. Ben said:
    on February 26th at 12:27 am

    Nic: “Those who can’t read, right, or understand basic money management skills should be filtered out, as they hurt our economy.”

    You need to learn to “write” yourself.

  8. oliver said:
    on February 26th at 01:08 am

    ben wtf does ur comment have to do with bank of america?

  9. oliver said:
    on February 26th at 01:09 am

    oh my bad ben i just realized u were responding to nic

  10. joe said:
    on February 28th at 03:42 am

    I received my $100 from them. I am going to go for this $75 as well and close the account cause they suck and I hate them.

  11. Don said:
    on February 29th at 05:13 pm

    This deal may not be all that great, but if you really want to be ripped off, open up a CD with Countrywide. They will sit on your funds transfer until the lock-in period expires and then lock you in at a lower rate. All this and they don’t even need to sick a gun in your ribs. Stay away from Countrywide, they’re the worst.

  12. Andrea said:
    on March 1st at 06:41 am

    The reason they don’t honor the $100 is because you have to have a coupon that was specifically mailed to you, and those specific mailings are targeted at people that have just moved, not just a reference number that people pass around….and regarding the cd 7 day grace period, it is your responsibility as a consumer to read the disclosures given to you at the time you open the account, no different than when you sign loan documents, it is your responsibility to READ!!! Funny how “bad” things always happens to complainers???

  13. Mark said:
    on March 4th at 12:46 am

    Don’t worry Andrea, I won’t tell anyone you work for BOA! They won’t figure it out here either KUZ we Kan’t Rede!

  14. gee said:
    on March 7th at 09:23 pm

    I tried to get it but was refused… no idea why as I have 3 CC already…

  15. mike said:
    on March 19th at 08:58 pm

    Wow. It’s so funny reading these morons who bitch and moan. How about actually reading your mail when you get it from the bank. And also stop making uneducated asumptions when you lack basic knowlege. It give false information to others.

  16. David said:
    on March 20th at 03:23 pm

  17. Anthony said:
    on March 24th at 04:24 am

    This the reason you guys should try E-trade. Customer Service very helpful and respectful. Think about it

  18. Ran said:
    on March 26th at 01:37 am

    Took advantage of the deal after reading this entry and opened my account on the 20th. I received the letter confirming the opening of my account a couple of days after, but it said my opening deposit was $0. I called customer service twice because I was afraid they ate my $100 deposit after reading all the negative comments about BoA. The first rep that helped me didn’t ask for a lot of verifying info and said that there was no such deposit in my account, I was horrified and asked him if he was sure and then would have gotten hysterical had I stayed on the line with him longer so said a quick thanks and hung up. A few minutes later, I called customer service again and this time got a rep that knew her job. When she couldn’t get access, she politely put me on hold and called a higher up for help and in the end was able to verify that the transfer was received and that it would take 2-5 business days to show up online, that was Saturday. My opening deposit appeared online today and now, I am waiting for news of the $75.

  19. Ran said:
    on March 26th at 01:56 am

    I had applied for this offer once before on the 18th, but was told after calling the number on an email I received that there was insufficient information about me in the public records so I had to go visit my local branch. I went to the branch on the 19th and got pushed an offer to open a checking account where I would get $25 with a minimum of $100 and some other offer about a student account that would be free in five years o_. but I told them no, that I was looking specifically for this deal. They had to call around, the third rep on the phone they got refused to give them the promo code (the person helping me was unable to get access to any sites outside of BoA) and I was told that it was because this was an online offer so I could only apply online even though I was specifically referred to the branch because I was unable to do that. An hour after I entered the bank, I left in tears and and felt so stupid, but wasn’t willing to give up opening that account and getting the $75 after what I went through so tried applying online again. After tinkering with some of the info, I was approved 😛 Maybe if I had remembered to write down the promo code and bring it with me, it would have worked, but my account is opened now and I am never stepping foot at that branch if I can help it. I am so closing my account after I get the promotion offer and my withdrawal for the balance goes through.

  20. Ran said:
    on March 26th at 02:03 am

    For anyone interested, the $25 Etrade Complete Savings offer ends on 3/31/08. Current rate is 3.45 APY
    “$25 will be credited to your Complete Savings Account within 30 days of the account being funded with a minimum deposit of $1. Payments will be reported as interest income. Accounts must be opened by 3/31/2008 to quality for the $25 offer. Must be a new account opened with new funds. Offer applies to one new account per customer. Not good with any other offer. This offer is not valid for E*TRADE FINANCIAL employees.”

  21. Kari said:
    on March 28th at 11:17 pm

    Does anyone know which checking account to open with Bank of America for this promotion?

  22. lai said:
    on March 30th at 07:52 am

    I had applied the checking account online on March 9th and got an replied email stated that my application is under processing and will contact me soon,but untill to date I had not hear from them.What a customer service BOA had!!!!

  23. Thai said:
    on March 30th at 07:53 pm

    Karl – The checking account to open is BofA’s “My Access(TM) Account”. Normally, this checking account requires a direct deposit to avoid monthly charges, HOWEVER, this is waved for this promotion. You can signup online, via telephone or print out the page at link below and take it to your local BofA branch and they will open the account for you.

  24. Thai said:
    on March 30th at 08:22 pm

    Lai – On the day I signed up online, I received the “Application being Processed” email you refer to. The following day I received another email stating my application had been approved. Two days later I received a letter containing an account “Signature Card”, with request I sign the signature card and return same in the included postage paid return envelope.

    Package also included the following:
    – Deposit Agreement & Disclosures
    – Personal Schedule of Fees
    – Insert waving direct deposit requirement fee.
    – BofA Privacy Policy
    – Booklet describing Online Access proceedures.

    During my online signup I encountered a problem with the “funding” part and could not fund the account online. Opon receipt of the above letter and signature card, I took them to my local branch, gave them a check for the initial required $100 deposit, signed the signature card, had them setup my online access name and password, and that was it.

    Now I’m just waiting for them to deposit the $75 to my account (or mail me a check) which the say they will do within 90 days.

    Keep in mind you must apply BEFORE May 31, 2008 to receive the $75 promotion. (See small print at above website.)

  25. jo- joe said:
    on April 1st at 10:09 pm

    I applied 4 months ag.. never get any promo or whatsoever I get the card and never used it or activate it … THEY SAID i AM SUPPOSTE KEEP AT LEAST 100 DAILY AVERAGE BALANCE WHICH I DIDN’T FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS

  26. David said:
    on April 3rd at 04:15 am

    i second mark’s motion! i got a 8-month cd with boa, which matured feb 4th. i went in 10 days later to get my money, and they told me there would be a $40 penalty to withdraw it! when i asked why, they informed me that i had only 7 days to come and withdraw it otherwise it would be renewed automatically. they said that that was all in the fine print when i purchased my $10,000 CD, as if i read all 35 pages of it. they never told me i had only 7 days to get it. worse yet, they renewed it at a rate of 1.80%!!! even with todays interest rates, that is ridiculous. eventually, they agreed to give me 3.25% annual yield, but still would not waive the penalty. i really hate boa, this was not my first bad experience with them. i recommend taking advantage of this offer and milking all the money you can from these jerks!

    ^ I just opened an 8 month term cd with BofA and asked them about getting the money out when I want. They said I had a week window and gave me the precise dates. WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THAT? Read the fine print and ask some quesitons once and awhile. Don’t blame a bank because you are incompetent! Let me guess, you got a sub-prime mortage loan as well? LOL

  27. Ran said:
    on April 5th at 10:38 pm

    I called and asked, the BoA rep told me that you have to establish your account for 3 months before you receive the $75 promo and that the offer is only one per household. As for the $100 average daily, holy cripes, my balance has been at $99 for a week because I enrolled in their Privacy Assist Premier/Buyer’s Advantage program, I’ll report back on whether I still quality for the promo after I talk to a rep.

  28. Ran said:
    on April 5th at 10:52 pm

    Scratch that, the $1 was charged for the Buyer’s Advantage and not the Privacy Assist Premier as I first stated.

  29. Bill said:
    on April 7th at 04:30 pm

    Beware, waited four months, never got my $75

  30. Ran said:
    on April 8th at 05:36 am

    I was able to access the Privacy Assist and got to see my credit score and credit reports, it was pretty thorough and really cool.

    Received this today after asking them about the promo on Saturday, two days ago.

    “Thank you for your inquiry dated 4/6/08 regarding your Promotional
    Offer. We will be happy to assist you.

    Unfortunately, our records do not indicate your incentive was requested
    when your account was opened. Incentive payments for this promotion will
    be direct deposited into your new checking account within 45 days. If
    you do not receive the incentive within 45 days, please contact us again
    and we will be happy to research the matter further. Please note your
    confirmation number is #.

    We truly apologize for the delay in processing your incentive. We value
    you as a customer and appreciate your business. If we may be of further
    assistance, please contact us again by e-mail. Thank you for choosing
    Bank of America. ”

    Bill – Have you contacted them about the promo? Remember to provide them with the promo code in the same message.

  31. Thai said:
    on April 8th at 08:30 am

    The BofA $75 offer has been extended to June 30, 2008

  32. Ran said:
    on April 17th at 12:37 am

    I received a pending payment for $75 in my account today.

  33. Ran said:
    on April 19th at 06:52 pm

    Transfers to outside account cost $3, so I’m going to have to withdraw money at the bank.

  34. vee said:
    on May 15th at 03:34 pm

    Offer expires 7/31/08 and is available through our online application or in any Bank of America banking center. Offer does not apply to second or multiple checking accounts and/or existing checking customers. Student checking accounts are not eligible for this offer. Bank of America associates are not eligible for this offer. All accounts are subject to our normal approval process. This form must be presented at the time the account is opened if account is opened in a banking center. This minimum deposit required to open a new, personal checking account and receive the $75 offer is $100. We will make every attempt to directly deposit the $75 into your new Bank of America checking account. If for any reason we are unable to do so, a check will be issued as a replacement. We will deposit the money within 90 days of opening your new account. Limit one check per household. To the extent required by law, Bank of America will report the value of the offer to the IRS on Form 1099. Any applicable taxes are the responsibility of the account holder. For interest-bearing personal checking accounts, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is 0.05% as of 4/14/08 for any account balance. The rate may change after the account is opened. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Please consult a Banking Center, visit or see the Personal Schedule of Fees for other account fees, rates and information. My chat with the online rep asked if there was a minimum balance – he said no, and said no fees ever. When I went into bank to deposit. They first told me I would have fees after 2 mos and then looked up the code and told me fees after 1 year.

  35. jmosley1901 said:
    on June 21st at 05:51 pm

    On Friday, June 20, 2008, I walked into the Parkland Branch Bank of America to make several deposits, cash a check and get my payroll out. The check that I was trying to cash was from a vendor who’d made the check out to my mother, who is a signer on my business account. She came into the back to sign the check and to show her identification.

    The check was over the teller’s limit so she asked the Assistant Branch Manager, Song Degarmo, to assist her. She was asked to verify the check.

    All I did was ask them to verify the check. The funds were good. The Assistant Branch Manager, Song Degarmo, explains to me that Bank of America no longer verifies funds over the phone. I ask to speak with the branch manager because I have been a customer of Bank of America for many years and they have always called to verify funds in situations such as this.

    When the Branch Manager, Linda Morley, storms out her office with my check in her hand, she states, “It is obvious that we will not be able to provide you with the level of customer service that you would like. Your account is not entitled to any special treatment. I am closing your accounts.” And with that she storms over to the main doors, opens the doors and turns back to say, “Please Leave!”

    Mind you, we are in the middle of the lobby and there are still customers all around. I still have yet to say anything to her. Quite frankly, I was confused on what prompted her to approach me in such a manner, and I was hugely embarrassed by her antics.

    The Assistant Branch Manager, Song Degarmo, places her hand on my shoulder and pushed me towards the door. I stopped at the door, turned to the Linda Morley and ask, “Can you please explain to me what is going on? Why are you closing my account?” I was not hostile. I did NOT yell at her.

    She says, “I don’t have to explain anything to you! I have the right to close an account for any reason. Please Leave. If you don’t leave I will call the police!”

    I was almost in tears at this point. My mother was still there. It appeared as though Ms Morley was unreasonably hostile towards her, but that had nothing to do with me or my accounts. I said, “You have not even spoken to me and I am the primary signer on this account. I deserve an explanation as to why you are closing my account. I am not being hostile. I don’t deserve to be treated like this.”

    “It is obvious that you are unaware as to how much we have bent over backwards to assist you. The bank is closed. Please leave.”

    “I have been in line since 5:20. The bank closed before I got to the teller window. Are you saying to me that I am not entitled to the same customer service as everyone else simply because the bank closed while I was in line?”

    “That is not what I said! You are putting words in my mouth!”

    Again, Song Degarmo attempted to push me out the door. By this time, one of the other bankers was standing behind them as if she was going to forcibly remove me.

    And so we left. I called the customer service number to find out why this happened. What did I do wrong? Why did she treat me like that? They said that the branch manager can shut down an account for any reason and that what she did cannot be overridden by anyone.

    I have sat on the phone and poured my heart out to several customer service representatives, and spoken to supervisors of supervisors. The last one I spoke with, Tammy Wright said that she was sorry but the only thing she could offer me at this time was a sincere apology.

    I spent Friday night in the emergency room because I had an anxiety attack that was brought about by this entire situation.

  36. Lil said:
    on July 16th at 09:28 pm

    BofA does suck. I tried to get the $100 deal a while back. I was really careful when I signed up, read all the fine print too – but either they initialized the wrong kind of account, I made a mistake, or they didn’t honor the offer, because I ended up with a savings account and no $100. When I asked them about it, they couldn’t tell me anything. I had to send them a really scathing email about their customer service to even get them to answer the actual questions I was asking. Apparently, they don’t train their customer service people to read the emails they get. When I finally got an answer to my question, they claimed that they had no record that they had ever offered the $100 deal in the first place – yeah right. To boot, the savings account I ended up with had a monthly maintenance fee.
    I can’t really confirm if I made a mistake or if they didn’t honor the offer. Let’s say it was my fault – I am still pissed about the lousy service and lack of information. I was so pissed that I refused to end my relationship with them at a net loss and decided to give it one more revenge try. I signed up for the free $75 (with checking this time 🙂 and as soon as I get my money I’m closing the account and never doing business with them again.
    ***My advice, should you decide to take them up on any of these offers, would be to make copies of the specific offer you applied for so that you have proof should anything arise. This is one of the dangers of applying for online offers and was the mistake I made the first time. Good luck, let’s take all their money!

  37. Sand said:
    on August 18th at 03:56 pm


  38. Sand said:
    on August 18th at 04:00 pm

    Ok I have been on the website today for 3 hours trying to find out the best account for my 18 year old son that was given alot of money when he turned 18 and also asking them about the 75promo for just a simple checking account for him not for the money inherited but for his checking account for promo of75 one rep gave me a link, i timed out and then chatted on line with 4 others and NOBODY knew anything about the 75 promo…so I googled it, and came across this…..I don’t think I now want my son to even put his million in this bank, I thought because they were such a “BIG BANK” in Florida that they would be great. I have checking/savings w/ them but never was told about a promo other than the 25.00 thing when open an account. I would go to the branch but…have a broken leg and cannot drive and I am NOT sending my newly 18 year old son there because they certainly will take that cashiers check and then what 🙂 so…anyone have suggestions

  39. mrpaseo said:
    on December 16th at 03:55 am

    You have to go into these deals with the knowledge that they do not want to give you the free money. The banks will do anything they can to get you to faulter to their rules, usually time delay is the largest tactic. It’s up to you to stay on top of these deals and if you stay within the limits of the rules, you will get your money.

    We received our $75 dollars as well as our $125 from Chase. If you go into these deals thinking the bank is happy to give you the $75 then you need to find another way to obtain free money becuase your going to set yourself up for stress. Think of it as a game, what I did is made a goal to raise $500 dollars by the end of the year (I started in the middle sometime), as of yesterday I am at $400.50 in all, I have not received one bonus but really have not persued the venue since I opened it (a 50 dollar bonus from

    Try to keep an open mind, understand that it’s a game between you and the bank to get their money. Consider each payment a win, then use that money for your next deal.

    Good luck

  40. MM said:
    on January 4th at 02:26 am

    I recently opened a MyAccess checking account with B of A that offered a $75 bonus to existing credit card account holders, and I received it very promptly (within 30-60 days of opening the account), without any hassle at all. As far as I’m concerned, this is how *I* get *my* federal bailout money–indirectly through the banks! I am always very careful to follow every rule and save all of the offer pages for reference just in case.

  41. Scott said:
    on April 25th at 08:19 pm

    Yes I hate BOA that’s why I make money form them every year. With in the last two years I made over $300 free of charge. They never made a penny off of me. I always keep the minimum balance in the account to get the bonuses. If you hate BOA take advantage of them, it’s fun and very satisfying! and use the money to take a weekend get away with the free money you make from them.

  42. Victor said:
    on June 18th at 04:55 pm

    Skank of America is GUILTY o false advertising and shady practices, using any technicality to get out of paying the “incentive bonus offers”. They had a technical issue with my $500 initial deposit and instead counted a subsequent $39 deposit to deny me the $75 bonus. They cheat, they lie – but are any of us really surprised?

  43. Amber said:
    on November 4th at 04:31 pm

    boa is a business, it uses business tactics GO FIGURE LOL

  44. SavvyLiz said:
    on November 11th at 07:24 pm

    I have been depositing funds all month to pay my bills via online payment. I noticed on my last deposit that the teller had posted over 600 to my savings rather than my checking. I ran home, transfered the money through my online banking, and dropped off my rent check. Over the weekend & on Monday my balances and statements were accurate. By Tuesday morning, the rent check still hadn’t posted. I also noticed my balance was over 500 short of the amount it should have been. So I scrolled down the checking statement….
    11/06 …625 transfered from savings to checking
    11/09….533 misc. withdraw ?????????????
    So I checked my savings balance…it had no record what so ever that there ever was 625 in my savings account. (deposit or transfer)
    I went into the main branch and waited patiently while the customer service reps chatted…24 min….
    I showed the rep my printed out statements with the areas of concern highlighted.
    She said that I must have “seen” the money in the savings when it was really in the checking which it wasn’t) and that there was nothing they could do. WTF?!
    Yes, I magically called up $533 from my checking account…visualized it in my savings account…and transfered it to my checking account.
    I may not spell worth a damn, but I’m not a stupid person. They didn’t have an explanation for the missing money, other than to say that I was wrong about it ever being there. How the hell do I pay my rent when half of it was “never really there.”
    Bank of America is the worst financial institution I’ve ever dealt with!

  45. Brian said:
    on December 1st at 01:45 am

    Goto facebook and join group
    I hate corporate…bank of America

  46. glms1997 said:
    on December 3rd at 05:33 pm

    People, I know $100 seems a lot nowadays, but so you know I had to report them to the BBB for not committing their promotional ad. I opened my account in August 2009 and in Nov. 2009, I inquired about and the customer serivce played games online with me. They said, ” you should get your money soon”, but then they sent me a letter saying I was not qualified for the $100 pomo. Their excuse was the trial dep my other bank made before they made my initial dep. I’ve made my $250 initial dep, but they make all kinds of excuse and finally reported them to BBB. Tom Martino here in Colorado did not care, so I did the complaint on my own. Within 2 weeks they gave my $100. BofA are scam and taking advantage to a lot of people. I gave them a chance and now I am looking forward to close my account with them!!!

  47. kate said:
    on September 11th at 08:44 am

    i have had items on the past with chex systems..i have always been able to open checking accts but not at preferred banks that offer alot of services…i now bank at bank of america…they are very helpful with any thing i need…and are very reasonable…they offer so many services…the keep the change savings acct is amazing