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Bank of America 4.40% New Car Loans

Think Mutual Bank raised it’s best-in-the-nation auto loan rates — a 60-month new car loan now costs 4.29%, up from 4.09% last week.

Although you’ll still have a hard time beating that, the increase makes the surprisingly good auto loan rates at Bank of America a more attractive alternative.

In most states — California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Washington, for example — it’s advertising loans from $7,500 to $100,000, for up to 60 months, for 4.40%

Rates are a little lower in the Northeast, and a little higher in a few states like Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

But all of those offers are way below the national average of 7% for such loans.

Click here to the rate being offered in your state and apply online for a Bank of America auto loan.

This auto loan calculator that will figure out the monthly payment for any deal.

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