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Bank of America $75 Checking Account Bonus

Bank of America has a $75 bank deal for signing up for a MyAccess personal checking account with them.

  • Sign up using offer code CH75OLB
  • Fund your new account with $25 within 30 days
  • Receive your $75 within 50 days of account opening

As a Bank of America credit card customer, you’re already familiar with the ease and convenience of our Online Banking services. Open a new MyAccess Checking account today and enjoy online access to both your checking and credit card accounts virtually anywhere, any time. Paying your credit card bill has never been easier.
$75 when you open a new MyAccess Checking account online.

  • No monthly maintenance fee, no minimum balance, no direct deposit required
  • Manage your accounts easily with free Online Banking service with free Bill Pay
  • Access to Customer Service 24/7 online or by phone
  • Free Bank of America Visa® Check Card with Total Security Protection Package

The Bank of America is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and is also an equal housing lender. Bank of America offers global services; in addition to the United States, the Bank of America has made services available in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Canada. Considered a major contender in the financial industry, Bank of America is one of the largest financial institutions. The Bank of America has 3.3 billion small business customers, and 34 million customers in the United States alone.

Having recently merged with MBNA bank, the Bank of America has now extended its reach to more customers than ever before. The merger with MBNA bank has opened new branches for customers to access and has also expanded the number of ATM machines that Bank of America customers can utilize. Bank of America, with its recent acquisition, continues to grow and offer its customers outstanding customer service.

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23 Existing Comments
  1. cmclean said:
    on November 3rd at 03:28 pm

    does this offer still stands

  2. cmclean said:
    on November 3rd at 03:29 pm

    does this offer still stand for bank of america

  3. cmclean said:
    on November 3rd at 03:30 pm

    print this page

  4. jl said:
    on January 31st at 01:46 am

    offer is ‘expired’ now

  5. Anonymous said:
    on May 28th at 06:41 pm


  6. Edwin said:
    on June 11th at 03:21 pm

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  7. Mike said:
    on October 21st at 10:04 pm

    The fine print for this offer says “This is a special offer to existing Bank of America credit card customers and only valid only for new MyAccess Checking® accounts”. Does that mean that only BOA credit card customers will get the $75 bonus? Anybody know? Thanks!

  8. MikeS said:
    on October 26th at 05:13 pm

    Well the offer was still open and I’ve applied to open the account, in the process of verification. I’ll let you guys know if it works for non- BOA credit card customers!

  9. April said:
    on October 27th at 02:33 am

    I called today and this is what I learned: BofA took over the MBNA credit cards so my old MBNA cards are now handled by BofA. A lot of people who have these MBNA Visa and Mastercards are eligible if they don’t already have a Bank of America checking account. I already have one so can’t take advantage of the offer, but if you just have the credit cards you can open a Bank of America My Access checking account online for $25. and BofA will put $75 in that account as an incentive. I already have a BofA checking, so I don’t qualify, but not a bad deal if you like online banking.

  10. Le_Toff said:
    on November 7th at 04:08 pm

    Bank of America is offering a new $100 promotion. Check it out on the “Deal of the Month”. Thanks and great job on the site – keep it up.

  11. jacmac said:
    on November 14th at 02:27 am

    just to let you know, Bank of America’s service on it’s credit cards sucks. Earning pts is a pain in da a$$!!!! They never apply it timely, and you’ll go through hell and back to get them to fix it. Send them an email and someone from Timbuktu responds and well, you can guess how well that’ll go.

  12. brenden said:
    on November 17th at 03:22 pm

    received my $75 today and yes I am a BofA credit card holder… not the best checking account though… i’ll stick with ing

  13. Legal Citizen said:
    on November 18th at 10:15 pm

    It is important to note that Bank of America actively markets their banking services to ILLEGAL ALIENS. Therefore, they will receive none of my money.

  14. Brad B said:
    on November 19th at 02:25 pm

    Just received my $75, after opening acct on 10/23.. Just used the code in the post.. I used to have an MBNA card, but closed it about a year ago.. Plan to close acct before the end of the year..

  15. Maynard said:
    on November 20th at 05:24 am

    3 months went by and no $100 bonus. So I sent them an e-mail and they credited the $100 to my account in a couple of days. Always note on your calendar so you don’t forget about these bonuses!

  16. JF said:
    on November 28th at 12:19 am

    BOA’s offer of $100 cash for opening a new checking account. Does anyone know that there are no fees or minimum balance or direct deposit requirement? This offer, according to the ad, expires om Jan 31 ’08.

  17. David P said:
    on December 2nd at 06:49 pm

    I just applied today for the MyAccess checking account to receive the $100 bonus. They do a credit check if necessary to verify information. It is my understanding that this type does not affect your score. Also, you can fund the account with a credit card as a purchase, not a cash advance. I used my card from pentagon federal credit union ( It gives back 1.25% on all purchases and 5% on gas paid at the pump. I’ll update the comments if I have any issues with BOA to report.
    Great site and info. Thanks

  18. Brad B said:
    on December 7th at 10:44 am

    I hate Bank of America. I tried to transfer the $75 bonus to my E-trade account, but BoA puts the kabosh on all transfers made outside of their website. You have to setup the online transfers, which of course is a $3 fee. BoA nickels and dimes a guy to death. Oh, good thing too that I wasn’t a BoA credit card customer and still got the deal. I closed my account already, waiting on my check.

  19. jacmac said:
    on December 23rd at 05:28 pm

    Be careful. After three months, even though Bank of America calls this a “free” account, they start chargine $5.95 if you don’t have direct deposit.

  20. anotheraccount said:
    on January 8th at 09:51 pm

    I opened my account on 9/13 and has yet to receive my 75.00 credit. I inquired about it today and they want a promotional code when Bank of America should have this on their record. Luckily, I found this page and sent it to them. I don’t know if this is going to help get my incentive. If they don’t do it, I won’t bank with them anymore. They really suck as a bank.

  21. David P said:
    on January 21st at 07:47 pm

    I opened my account under the former $100 bonus. My account couldn’t be funded by credit card as I wished but once funded, I received the $100 in about 45 days. I just cashed out today. I feel that the $75 will work the same way. Keep emailing BOA if you have problems.

  22. kay said:
    on March 15th at 11:16 pm

    Well they said I would get $25 in October to open a checking account along with my 10K CD> I have yet to see it posted to my checking account. Don’t believe they will post it. I wouldn’t believe them if they tried telling me that again. Hey if you don’t bank there yet find another bank. Smaller banks are much friendlier and give great service. BOFA is to busy catering to the immigrants here in Charlotte… them they don’t have to have a SSN. if that tells you something. Come april I will take my CD else where.

  23. Jane said:
    on April 19th at 04:37 pm

    bank of america sucks when it comes to bonuses, they totally screwed me over. i opened my checking account in november 2007. now it’s april 2008. i called every month about the bonus but because the damn code wasn’ on the application when i submitted it but it was on there when i applied. i still have the bonus code and they still won’t give it to me. i feel i earned it. and i even said it’s a false advertisement if they dont go through with it especially when i did everything i was suppose to do. they piss me off so bad