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Atlantic Southern 3.0% APY 13-Month CD

Here’s another example of the great local deals you’ve got to be watching out for.

Atlantic Southern is paying 3.0% APY on a 13-month CD (and 2.70% APY on a 7-month CD) with a minimum deposit of just $500.

You can’t earn 3% from most banks without committing your money for at least 36 months — usually longer.

It’s also more than twice the national average for one-year CDs.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy Atlantic Southern’s CDs on-line.

You have to go to one of its 13 branches in Georgia and Jacksonville, Fla., or one of the three branches of Sapelo Southern Bank (which it owns).

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  1. Kathy213 said:
    on May 10th at 08:53 am

    They’ve dropped this to 2.90%. But still pretty good.