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Are You A Tax Cheat?

Poll QuestionSeems some Americans have no issue lying to Uncle Sam when tax time rolls around.

Results from the IRS Oversight Board’s 2013 Taxpayer Attitude Survey showed that 12% of respondents think it’s acceptable to cheat on their taxes, either “a little here and there” or “as much as possible.”

While that’s a small amount of taxpayers, one in 10 can’t be considered insignificant. Still, the vast majority of taxpayers obviously feel much differently, with 86% of the 1,000 people polled responding “not at all.”

So that’s a relief.

An even greater number of taxpayers – 93% – believe that cheaters should be held accountable. And the consensus is that should apply to all taxpayers, from those in low income brackets to corporations.

Let’s face it, even cheating on your taxes “a little here and there” still constitutes cheating. Just like a white lie is a lie. Don’t ever kid yourself into believing otherwise.

We only wish the survey went a little further in its questions. We’d love to know how people are cheating on their taxes and their justifications for doing so.

For the record, the IRS’s annual list of “Dirty Dozen Tax Scams” includes hiding income in offshore banks and brokerage accounts, claiming income never earned and expenses never paid, and misusing trusts.

But the Taxpayer Attitude Survey does provide insight as to why people are honest when reporting and paying their taxes: 94% chalked it up to personal integrity. A fear of being audited was also a significant factor, along with a belief that friends, associates and neighbors are paying what they owe as well.

Plus, 74% agree that it’s an American’s civic duty to pay their fair share of taxes – incidentally, the highest level recorded by the survey.

We want to know what you think.


Is it OK to cheat on your taxes?
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