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AmTrust Direct 5.26% APY Money Market

AmTrust Direct Bank has a 5.26% APY Money Market right now. This is one of the best savings accounts yields you can get if you want to stay liquid.

Amtrust Bank offers an array of checking options that include free checking, interest checking, platinum checking, titanium checking and 50 plus checking. Money market accounts, savings accounts, home loans and home equity lines are also available through Amtrust Direct. Amtrust Direct was established in 1889 and was first established in Cleveland Ohio. Formerly known as the Ohio Savings Bank, Amtrust Direct is a bank that specializes in retail banking, commercial banking, mortgages and construction loans, and the bank also offers an assortment of investment and planning services. Amtrust Bank has a number of branches located in Florida and recently established a new branch in Phoenix, Arizona.

Amtrust Direct is a bank that offers investments services to the residents of Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Arizona, and Michigan. Amtrust Direct offers an evaluation of one’s current financial position and helps customers to strategically plan their investments based on the individual assessment offered. Investment options at Amtrust Direct include access to mutual funds, unit investment trusts, and fixed income securities. Amtrust Direct also makes life and long term care insurances available. Meanwhile, Amtrust Direct offers customers assistance with investment planning, tax management, and retirement planning, estate and protection planning.

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9 Existing Comments
  1. said:
    on November 9th at 08:34 am

    best money market rates at amtrust direct and best cd rates too!

  2. John Emery said:
    on January 28th at 04:38 pm

    How do I get the 5.25% interest rate account opened?

  3. Dave B. said:
    on February 16th at 07:38 pm

    The AmTrust telephone rep confirmed that they will run a background credit check just to open a savings account and too many credit enquiries could affect your FICO score.

  4. Mostafa said:
    on May 13th at 11:28 pm

    good to know, thank you

  5. Adam T. said:
    on May 15th at 08:39 pm

    I just tried to do business with Amtrust Bank. They appear to be an elitist bank that only opens ANY bank account for those with a credit report that meets their criteria for credit reports to accept money from working class citizens who want to have a bank for their money. From my understanding, the minimum to open up their most basic account is $50, and if you don’t qualify on your credit report according to their rules for using people’s money for their own business investments, then you can not do business with Amtrust Bank.

    So if you’re thinking of giving Amtrust $1,000 of your earned income to open up one of their “e-money market” accounts, then you can forget it.

    It doesn’t matter what their interest rate is or how high or what they set their Rates to…if you don’t qualify with them then it doesn’t matter if you have money to bank with with Amtrust.

    But if you want a “free credit report” then try to open an account with them. But they only want your money if you fit their “credit qualifications”. Good luck! They won’t ever be doing business with me.

  6. Bob said:
    on June 6th at 08:30 pm

    Adam, is your credit really that bad? And is $50 so much for opening an account? Come on, get with it.

  7. said:
    on November 7th at 09:58 pm

    Bob has a good point.

  8. Brad said:
    on January 29th at 11:43 pm

    While rates have been dropping lately across the industry, Amtrustonline continues to be at the top of the list when it comes to compareable type of liquid funds offered.

    As far as the comments above, it never ceases to amaze me how people can be so financially ignorant. Be responsible, keep a job, pay your bills, establish a decent credit rating, and use common sense when selecting investment instruments to reach your financial goals. I just hope Adam has some family or friends to help him out.

    Good luck people!

  9. suzan said:
    on June 10th at 01:29 pm

    where is am trust direct bank located in New York