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AmEx: Get $25 On Small Business Saturday

Card holders can earn a statement credit by patronizing a small business.American Express is offering an incentive to encourage consumers to shop at small businesses this holiday season.

To promote the effort, AmEx will give eligible credit card holders a $25 statement credit on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 26.

All you have to do is register your American Express consumer or business card by clicking on the link at Then spend at least $25 with your AmEx card at a small business on Nov. 26.

You can find a list of small businesses in your area that accept AmEx cards on the promotion’s Facebook page.

As a test, we found 159 participating businesses within one suburban Boston ZIP code, including 44 stores and 23 restaurants.

There is a limit of one statement credit per registered card, regardless of how many transactions you make with the card. Registration is limited, so act quickly and register your card.

There are a couple of other restrictions.

Only AmEx consumer or business cards are eligible. Prepaid cards, corporate cards and ExpressPay transactions are not eligible.

Eligible small business merchants are independently owned small businesses that accept American Express cards. Purchases made at large or national chain stores, at franchised business locations and at government agencies are not eligible.

So that means purchases at your local McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts or post office branch don’t count.

This offer also is available on the social-media network Foursquare. But you can’t double-dip and get the statement credit more than once.

AmEx founded Small Business Saturday in 2010 to encourage consumers to shop at small businesses during the holiday season.

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  1. Sooz said:
    on November 11th at 02:20 pm

    A nice idea. Good to see at least one big guy looking out for the little guy.