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Alliant Credit Union Boosts Shorter CD Rates But Cuts Longer Ones

Since we last posted about Alliant Credit Union, back in February, this Chicago-based institution offering deposit accounts nationwide has been tinkering with its CD rates.

Yields on certificates of deposit with maturities between 12 and 47 months have all increased. Returns on its 48- to 60-month CDs have dropped.

Here are Alliant’s current rates:

New Alliant Credit Union CD Rates

Length of Term Regular CD with $1,000 minimum deposit
Jumbo CD with $25,000 minimum deposit
12 to 17 months 1.15% APY 1.20% APY
18 to 23 months 1.20% APY 1.25% APY
24 to 35 months 1.30% APY 1.35% APY
36 to 47 months 1.50% APY 1.55% APY
48 to 60 months 1.85% APY 1.90% APY

All of these rates – except for the 60-month term – can be considered competitive.

In fact, the yield on Alliant’s 36-month CD equals – and on its 36-month jumbo CD beats – the top nationally available return from the banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard.

And the 24-month jumbo CD yield is by no means shabby, tying the posted rates of banks occupying the Leaderboard’s runner-up position for that term.

The only disappointment here is the 48- to 60-month CD yield, which, at one point earlier this year, had reached 2.20% APY for the jumbo CD, before Alliant chose to slash it.

Traditional membership is open to savers in certain Chicago-area communities or associated with one of the companies or organizations affiliated with the credit union.

But Alliant permits anyone to join who first becomes a member of Foster Care to Success, which assists foster teenagers aging out of the system, for just $10.

Members can open accounts online, over the phone, through the mail or in person at branches in Illinois, as well as California, Colorado, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia.

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