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Acacia Federal 3.25% 36-Month CD

It looks like a little bank in Falls Church, Va., is now offering the best nationwide deal on a three-year certificate of deposit.

Acacia Federal Savings Bank is paying 3.25% APY with a minimum deposit of only $500.

Acacia Federal Savings BankThis subsidiary of Acacia Life Insurance Co. opened in 1983 and has just one office, but it accepts deposits from anywhere in the country and customers can apply on-line.

When we surveyed the best 36-month CDs last month, GMAC Bank was offering the highest interest rate — 3.20% APY.

The State Bank of India trumped that for a couple of weeks with a 3.55% APY CD until the return was reduced to 3.24% on May 6.

These are the kind of deals you have to look for with the national average for 36-month CDs a paltry 1.77%.

Acacia Federal Savings is FDIC insured and has earned two of five stars in Bankrate’s Safe & Sound ratings.

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