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A Great New ‘CD Rates Leaderboard’ Has Found A Permanent Home On Bankaholic

You no longer have to wait for us to post an updated version of the CD Rates Leaderboard.

We’ve created a permanent home for a new and improved CD Rates Leaderboard that will be updated instantly whenever we find new deals.

That means you can check the best nationally available interest rates on all of the most popular types of CDs 24/7.

This is a page you definitely want to bookmark and check every time you’re thinking about buying a certificate of deposit.

The URL is:

You can also reach the CD Rates Leaderboard page anytime you’re on Bankaholic by clicking the “Bank Deals” button on the left side of the home page.

With interest rates this low, you can’t afford to settle for anything but the very best returns.

Today, for example, we’ve already updated the Leaderboard’s top deal on 12-month CD rates.

You’ll find Nexity Bank is now offering the best rate of 1.31% APY after Doral Bank Direct dropped what had been the leading return on 1-year CDs.

That means Nexity, an online bank based in Birmingham, Ala., is offering the best nationally available 3-, 6- and 12-month CD rates.

You can always make sure you’re earning the best possible return by comparing the Leaderboard’s deals with the top CD rates from dozens of other banks in our database.

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