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A Capital Return On 3-Year CDs

Cardinal Bank has special 36-month CD rates for Washington, D.C.-area savers.

It’s paying 1.67% APY with a $1,000 minimum deposit of new money, which means funds not already on deposit with the bank.

The top nationally available 3-year return on our CD Rates Leaderboard has been stuck at 1.45% APY for a long time.

You have to live in the District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia to buy these certificates of deposit.

While you can begin your purchase online or over the phone, a bank representative we spoke with said it’s quicker and easier to simply visit one of its offices since you’ll end up there to complete the process anyway.

Cardinal Bank has 37 branches in and around Washington, including in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax in Virginia; and Bethesda and Rockville in Maryland.

This special is currently scheduled to run until Oct. 4.

Learn more about Cardinal Bank at or 703-584-3400.

Search our extensive database to see how these returns compare with the best CD rates from dozens of banks in your area.

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