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$50 Bonus For Investing At Lending Club

With CD and savings account rates plunging to record lows every week, it may be the time to consider a more lucrative alternative — social or peer-to-peer lending.

This is where you loan money directly to worthy borrowers through a Web site, rather than putting your money in a bank and allowing its loan officers to pick the investments.

Lending Club - Start Investing Online Today!It’s possible to earn a better return than you’d ever get from a bank.

Lending Club, for example, says the net annualized return for its investors has been over 9.5% since 2007 — and yes, that includes the losses on loans that don’t get repaid.

For the rest of this month, Lending Club is also offering a $50 bonus to Bankaholic readers who sign-up to be new lenders.


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  1. Janie Johns said:
    on November 15th at 04:45 pm is a good option for business owners seeking financing and resources. Small businesses and startup entrepreneurs raise money through personal connections online (a.k.a person to person, peer to peer, social lending). This elevates access to funding, increases transparency, reduces costs, and lowers risk.

    Entrepreneurs connect with their social networks (friends, family, friends of family, community members, colleagues, alumni and others) to raise up to $99,000 in capital by requesting loans and gift contributions. Funders can get product discounts and freebies, as well as the ability to track how the funding is spent.

    Visit for more info about people funding businesses.