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4 Ways To Keep This ING Direct Loyalist

Capital One bought ING Direct USACapital One this week agreed to buy ING Direct USA for $9 billion in cash and stock.

Now, I’ve already expressed my dismay over the loss of ING.

But if the new owner wants to keep me and my savings account, here are four things it needs to do:

Don’t kill the fun. ING is the quirky kid in school that you want to be friends with. It’s about as fun as banking can be. Don’t mess with this.

Don’t try to infuse your messages over top of a brand that works. If I see one Capital One Viking when I log into my account anytime soon, I’m gone.

Don’t drop rates. Yes, interest rates for savers are abysmal, but don’t make it any worse.

A lot of us came to ING because of the rates. Slowly dropping them off a cliff won’t keep us on board, and will cut off any access you have to marketing other products to us.

Don’t add on fees. Yes, it’s big-bank style, but ING has been a shelter from the glut of fees that have been rolled out on customers.

Change this, and we’ll run fast to another online bank.

Keep the cafes open. It’s good for the brand. It’s a soft sell, even if people never step foot inside the store.

For a bank that has no branches, you need to have some physical presence in major cities if you want to keep customers and get new ones.

Capital One said one of the reasons it bought ING Direct was because of its 7 million “young, high income, loyal customers.”

Listen to what I’ve said here if you want to keep us.

Though I do have one request: I’d consider a checking account with the new ING if I could deposit checks by my smart phone.

If the new owner can do that, and heed my four tips, I’ll still be a happy customer.

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  1. SeniorSaver said:
    on June 18th at 09:27 am

    Also, for everyone (including not-so-young customers), please keep the IRA savings account. I need it to dump maturing IRA CD money into while I wait for Ben Bernanke’s tenure at the Fed to end.

  2. Angus said:
    on June 18th at 06:16 pm

    I can make instant, free cash transfers between my ING saving account and Sharebuilder brokerage, which ING owns. Unless CapitalOne allows this I will move my money to another account.

  3. Lightrider said:
    on June 19th at 08:58 am

    Capital One don’t give a rat’s a$$ whether u leave or not!!!

  4. Doug said:
    on June 20th at 03:14 pm

    Last I checked, Capital One Direct’s rates were better than ING’s and have been for some time. Not really loyal to either company, but it appears Vikings pay better than Orange Dots.

  5. Mojave Jack said:
    on June 20th at 05:39 pm

    I was a long time customer of Trust Company of New Jersey…until they were taken over by NorthFork.

    Rates fell
    Service fell
    Attitute rose

    I’m afraid the same may be in store for ING.