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3-Year CD Rates Roundup: Earn 1.90% Nationally, 2.01% Locally

The top return among national 3-year CDs has been moving up lately. In fact, rates on 3-year CDs are around a quarter of a percentage point higher than they were at this time last year.

Now you can earn 1.90% APY from four different banks — GS Bank, Sallie Mae, E-Loan and KS StateBank.

But while there are several nationally-available deals worth a look, the case is as strong as ever for mid-term CD shoppers to capitalize on chart-topping rates from the country’s best-paying credit unions and community banks.

Indeed, we’ll tell you where to find local deals that beat the national leader.

The top nationally available 3-year CD rates

GS Bank, Sallie Mae, E-Loan and KS StateBank are all offering 1.90% APY.

The biggest difference between what these banks are offering is the minimum deposit. Both GS Bank and KS StateBank offer that rate with a minimum of $500.

E-Loan pays 1.90% APY with a minimum of $10,000. And Sallie Mae pays 1.90% APY with a minimum of $2,500.

Of course, before you settle on a bank, it’s important to compare the best rates of the day.

To find the best CD rates on any given day, search Bankrate’s extensive database.

Top National 3-Year CD Rates

Bank Yield Minimum Deposit
GS Bank 1.90% $500
Sallie Mae 1.90% $2,500
E-Loan 1.90% $10,000
KS StateBank 1.90% $500
First Internet Bank of Indiana 1.87% $1,000
State Bank of India – New York 1.81% $5,000
State Bank of India – Chicago 1.81% $2,500
Synchrony Bank 1.80% $2,000
Bank of Baroda 1.80% $1,000
Live Oak Bank 1.80% $2,500
BAC Florida Bank 1.79% $1,500
Barclays Bank 1.65% No minimum
Ally Bank 1.60% $25,000
Discover Bank 1.60% $2,500

Earning more with local deals

Of course, credit unions and community banks often pay the very best CD rates in the country – currently as high as 2.01% APY on 36-month certificates.

Most only accept deposits from savers who live or work nearby, or are willing to jump through a hoop to become a member. But it is possible to find credit unions and local banks offering nationwide deals.

Top Local 3-Year CD Rates

Bank State APY Min Deposit
VITAL Federal Credit Union South Carolina 2.01% $500
Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union Texas 1.95% $500
NavyArmy Community Credit Union Texas 1.85% $1,000
North Platte Union Pacific Employees Credit Union Nebraska 1.76% $500
Atkins Savings Bank & Trust Iowa 1.76% $1,000
Compass Savings Bank Pennsylvania 1.71% $500
Potlatch No. 1 Federal Credit Union Idaho, Washington 1.74% $500
Massena Savings & Loan New York 1.74% $1,000
Peoples Bank Louisiana 1.73% $1,000


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