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3-Year CD Deal 6 Months Old And Counting

After years of steadily falling CD rates, we want to honor a bank that’s been offering the same decent return for months on end.

When we first told you about’s deal on 36-month CDs last Sept. 27, it was paying savers in six Northeast states 1.80% APY with a $1,000 minimum deposit.

That was just a little more than the top nationally available return on our CD Rates Leaderboard — 1.75% by AmTrust Direct.

Six months later, EBSBdirect is still paying 1.80% APY.

The only change we can see is that the online division of East Boston Savings Bank now requires these certificates of deposit to be purchased with new money, not funds already on deposit at the bank.

AmTrust Direct continues to offer the best nationally available deal, but it has lowered the return to 1.55% APY.

So over the past six months, EBSBdirect has gone from beating the best national rate by a mere five-hundredths of a point to beating it by a full quarter of a point.

That makes it a better deal this spring than it was last fall, which is slammin’ work in our book.

(We should note that AmTrust Direct didn’t have the top 36-month CD during that entire time. Doral Bank Direct took a turn, too, with a 1.65% APY offering that has since dropped to 1.50% APY.) and East Boston Savings Bank have different CD rates, and you won’t find this rate at the bricks-and-mortar branches. They’re only paying 1.25% APY for 36-month CDs.

You must purchase these certificates of deposit online at And this offer is limited to residents of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Learn more about at or call 800-657-3272.

See how these returns compare with the best CD rates from scores of banks in our extensive database.

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  1. Kathy at Bankaholic said:
    on April 16th at 07:20 am

    You can still get these rates at

  2. Kathy at Bankaholic said:
    on August 3rd at 06:07 am

    EBST has cut its 36-month rate to 1.25% APY. The 10-month rate is still available.