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3.05% CD Rates Deal Will Stay In Maine

Androscoggin Bank will not offer its blended CD onlineWe love comments.

So, when one appeared on post about a CD rates deal at Maine’s Androscoggin Bank — from a representative of the bank — we had to pick up the phone and learn more.

This community bank in Maine is offering 60-month blended CD rates for 3.05% APY and had hoped to make it available online to national savers.

As it turns out, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. But we’d like to thank Christine Conrad, chief customer officer and senior vice president, for letting us know.

Those certificates of deposit have been selling so well locally, the bank has decided not to offer the deal online to national savers, according to Conrad.

But, in the long term, Androscoggin Bank is definitely interested in customers “from away” — a Maine term for those living outside the Pine Tree State, she notes.

And she’s promised to stay in touch and let us here at Bankaholic know when that day comes.

Of course, if you’re visiting Maine, specifically Androscoggin or Cumberland counties, and want to stop in and purchase a CD in person at one of Androscoggin Bank’s 13 branches, Conrad assures us that you won’t be turned away.

In the meantime, find all the best CD rates from scores of banks in our database.

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