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3.05%, 5-Year CD Rates At Fort Knox FCU

This deal is available with a $500 minimum deposit.Strike up the band.

Nationally available CD rates above 3.00% are back – if you’re willing to jump through some credit union hoops.

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union is paying 3.05% APY on its 60-month term.

That beats the top 60-month CD on our CD Rates Leaderboard by a quarter of a percentage point.

You’ll need a $500 minimum deposit to purchase these certificates of deposit. And you’ll need to satisfy the credit union’s membership requirements.

Fort Knox FCU has a dozen branches surrounding the Kentucky military base and the nation’s gold repository.

Anyone can qualify for membership in Fort Knox by joining the American Consumer Council, right on the credit union’s website (

Just click on “Become a member” on the home page or rate page, then “Click here to get started.” When you’re asked for “Eligibility Criteria,” use the pull-down menu to click on the “other” option.

When you complete the application, the credit union will automatically enroll you in the consumer advocacy group and you’ll be able to buy CDs as part of the application process.

Membership in the American Consumer Council is free. Joining the credit union costs $15.

As a credit union, Fort Knox doesn’t qualify for our Leaderboard.

We also found that its membership fee can substantially lower the effective return on many of its CDs, particularly those with shorter terms.

But that doesn’t mean Fort Knox doesn’t have great CD rates.

In fact, its 24- and 36-month CD rates also beat the top deals on our Leaderboard. Fort Knox is paying 1.60% on its 24-month term and 2.15% on its 36-month term.

And savers in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee can still purchase special 23-month CDs. This CD rates’ deal isn’t quite as good as it was when we last wrote about it in January, but the credit union is paying 1.70% today.

Compare the returns from Fort Knox FCU with the best CD rates from scores of banks in our extensive database.

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5 Existing Comments
  1. SeniorSaver said:
    on June 20th at 02:44 pm

    This weekend, I filled out the online membership application, just to see what it involved. I closed the application without clicking on the “Submit” button, but Fort Knox went ahead and did a hard credit pull on me and e-mailed me a signature card. So much for experimentation.

  2. Earl said:
    on June 20th at 11:48 pm

    Good job of going through the process of getting these “high” interest rates. Only wish you would cite the penalty for early withdrawal which, to me, is extremely important.

  3. JCDI said:
    on June 21st at 12:53 pm

    There is actually some discussion re EWPs at Fort Knox. It use to be 90-Days on the longer-term CDs, however, they recently changed it to 6-months and made it retroactive. That is a real problem. It is one thing to change penalties going forward, but to change them on people who made an investment based on the previous penalty is just wrong. And what would stop them from doing it again or even honoring a request to close the CD if made.

  4. Earl said:
    on June 24th at 12:36 am

    I would think changing early withdrawal penalties after the CDt has already been signed would be a violation of a contract and subject to a lawsuit. If they did this to me I would withdraw every penny, never do business with them again and find out if changing the penalty was legal.

  5. Mike at Bankaholic said:
    on June 30th at 02:46 pm

    It looks like Fort Knox has cut its 60-month rates back to 2.80% APY. Bummer.