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$250 Bonus on Chase Freedom Credit Card

Chase Freedom Credit Card will give you $250 free for signing up after you make your first purchase.

UPDATE 05/01/2007 :: Looks like the $250 deal is dead, but the Chase Freedom Credit Card still pays you 3% cashback on Gas, Groceries and Fast Food!

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This is a great credit card because it offers:

  • 3% cashback on Gas, Grocery Stores, and Fast Food Restaurants
  • 1% back on all other purchases

I will probably be applying for this card myself, and will share my experiences with it.

UPDATE: Bankaholic reader, Mac, was nice enough to submit a screenshot of the $250 promo. If your Chase customer service rep tries to deny you the $250 deal, simply point them to the PDF file.

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39 Existing Comments
  1. bb22 said:
    on March 14th at 08:02 pm

    I applied for Chase credit card before and cancelled it. Do you know if I’m eligible for this offer? I read that this offer is only good for first time Chase members with new accounts. Thanks.

  2. monk3yboy said:
    on March 16th at 05:36 am

    Deal dead, just shows a zero percent introductory rate for 3 months, no big deal there.

  3. Bankaholic Admin said:
    on March 16th at 09:34 am

    Not true, it is still showing $250 free after 1st purchase.

    Try refreshing / clicking the link. Empty your cache and cookies while youre at it.

  4. Anonymous said:
    on March 18th at 05:53 pm

    It looks like the $250 offer only shows up on the low bandwidth page (the one without a song playing.) To see it, you can click on the link at the bottom of the page labeled, “Click here if you have dial-up or low-bandwidth.

  5. Bankaholic Admin said:
    on March 18th at 09:40 pm

    Interesting. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve updated the post to reflect these changes.

  6. M.Ismail said:
    on March 20th at 08:50 pm

    Can not see the $250 reward anymore ? is it still valid offer ?

  7. Bankaholic Admin said:
    on March 21st at 07:25 am

    Ouch, low bandwith link doesnt work either anymore. Looks like the DEAL IS DEAD.

  8. Ray said:
    on March 21st at 11:11 am

    Sorry, no such deal exists! lets look for another better option!

  9. Mark said:
    on March 24th at 04:08 pm

    What a scam. I received my card today (Saturday), after applying due to seeing the special. After asking the validation dept. about the $250 special, they passed me to Customer Service, who claimed they had never heard of the offer & there was no indication of such offer on the card! Lowlifes, I have no intention of using Chase again for any credit needs.

  10. Mac said:
    on March 24th at 08:16 pm

    Fortunately, I printed the page while it showed the $250 cash back deal. They also tried to claim they had never heard of it. I scanned it and emailed it to them so they could not deny it! They then admitted that I was correct.

  11. Bankaholic Admin said:
    on March 25th at 12:38 am

    Mac, do you happen to have a scan of the ad I could post up here? We could try using it as proof if the Chase reps continue to deny this promo.

  12. Mac said:
    on March 27th at 05:04 pm

    Could you send me your email address to I’ll email it to you.

  13. said:
    on March 28th at 06:54 am

    Thanks Mac! That’s cool of you. I’ve sent you an email.

  14. Jessica said:
    on March 29th at 10:28 pm

    guys! could you post the $250 bonus ad link?couldn’t see anywhere, and if you could send me the link to my email, that would be great. my email is

    Thank you very much

  15. Warren T said:
    on March 31st at 12:44 pm

    Applied this morning. Site still indicates the deal. Have full screenshot as of today.

  16. Anonymous said:
    on April 2nd at 02:54 am

    Warren, let us know if they give you the $250

  17. Brett said:
    on April 2nd at 02:11 pm

    I have a color PDF copy of the Chase Freedom $250 offer, if anyone wants it.

  18. Mike said:
    on April 3rd at 07:40 pm

    This article explains the $250 reward, not what it really would appear to be.

  19. Mike said:
    on April 3rd at 07:40 pm

  20. Alex said:
    on April 3rd at 07:43 pm


    Could you send the color screenshot to me? big thanks !
    my email is

  21. Anonymous said:
    on April 4th at 08:04 am

    got my card today! ive never had a chase credit card before, so hopefully i will get my $250

  22. danielle said:
    on April 4th at 04:46 pm

    any other suggestions for credit cards that give you good deals or good incentives?

  23. sigue said:
    on April 5th at 04:25 am

    Did any one received the $250 check? Please let us know

  24. Sigue said:
    on April 5th at 04:28 am

    I applied for this card 3 days ago. But I had a credit card from which I beleve is a chase card. I am not shure if this will prevent me from getting my $250 bonus. any answers?

  25. Sigue said:
    on April 5th at 04:31 am

    I have a color screen shot for this offer. Is a JPG file. I notice that this offer comes and goes away. keep visiting

  26. Lou said:
    on April 7th at 04:16 am

    I have a WaMu card and its great also! You can see your credit score FOR FREE at all the time online, and you have 0% interest rate for 9 month! No annual fee!!!

  27. sigue said:
    on April 22nd at 02:35 am

    I received my $250 check .. yoopi great deal

  28. paul said:
    on April 22nd at 06:08 am

    @ sigue

    is your chase amazon credit card still active? and did you mail them to add in order to get the bonus?


  29. sigue said:
    on April 23rd at 09:12 pm

    If you never had a chase freedom credit card before then you are elegible for the bonus.

  30. sigue said:
    on April 23rd at 09:14 pm

    you needed to apply for this card on the elegible dates : march 13 – 16 and april 2-4 . This is what chase CR told me via email.

  31. jeremiah said:
    on April 30th at 06:50 pm

    Got my check before I even got my bill.

    $250 check
    -$15 for eating out
    $235 profit 🙂

    Thanks guys 😛

  32. Luke said:
    on May 1st at 09:37 am

    I got my check super fast. Yee Haw for Chase. $250!!!

    I’m not going to use my CitiCard anymore. Citi said they’d give me a $100 best buy card for signing up. They said it would take a few cycles to show up and after months of hassle they replied to me by saying they never had that offer.

  33. said:
    on May 10th at 01:38 am

    I’ve received the $250 bonus for signing up for this Chase credit card as well. However, it looks like deal is now dead.

    Still a great cashback credit card for gas, groceries, and fast food though!

  34. sigue said:
    on May 12th at 04:33 am

    I got a second check in the mail for a total of $500 .. mistake or just my luck . I love chase !

  35. said:
    on May 12th at 08:01 am

    Lucky! I only got 1 check, but I’m happy lol.

  36. fdwshmuefq said:
    on June 18th at 08:53 pm

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! yuxehjvoxfumn

  37. Stud said:
    on July 16th at 11:15 pm

    I told my wife about the deal, and that if she was approved she would have to split the reward with me. If she doesn’t get the card, then I get to make her pregnant. So eather way im a winner. Thanks for the deal, keep em coming!

  38. Bankaholic said:
    on July 19th at 04:41 am


    Right on Stud!

  39. D said:
    on January 19th at 10:47 pm