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Best 2 Year CD Rates for Spring 2019

best 2-year cd rates

The best nationally available 2-year CD this month is paying 3.00% APY.

Overall, CD rates are on the rise. And 2-years are something to keep an eye on.

You can pick up 3.00% APY from Sallie Mae with a $2,500 minimum deposit.

Can’t swing that minimum? No worries. We have a total of 10 banks on our list paying 2.70% APY or better with varying minimum deposit requirements.

Of course, you might be able to find some even better deals at your local credit union or community bank.

That makes it even more important to shop around thoroughly for the best CD rates.

Here are the Top National 2-Year CD Rates

Bank Yield Minimum Deposit
Sallie Mae 3.00% $2,500
First Internet Bank of Indiana 2.96% $1,000
Citizens Access 2.95% $5,000
North American Savings Bank 2.94% $2,000
M.Y. Safra Bank 2.91% $1,000
My eBanc 2.90% $5,000
Live Oak Bank 2.90% $2,500
Popular Direct 2.88% $10,000
Virtual Bank 2.80% $10,000
Connexus Credit Union 2.70% $5,000

Earning more with local deals

We track more than the best nationally available bank returns.

In fact, we typically find the best rates at community banks and credit unions, which only take deposits from savers who live or work nearby, or are willing to jump through a hoop to become a member.

But lately national banks have been stepping up and beating out many of the local deals we’ve found.

Still, it’s important to shop around at local banks and credit unions near you before settling on a CD.

Rates are on the rise

As for the rest of the nation’s 2-year CDs, today’s national average return — 0.94% APY — is certainly higher than it was at this time last year.

Rates are moving up and we’re finally starting to see some solid returns for savers.

So when can we expect the next boost from the Fed? It’s possible we could see another rate hike in this month.

In this rising rate environment, you might want to consider CD laddering as a strategy to take advantage of consistently higher rates.

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