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1-Year CD Rates Roundup: Earn 2.00% Nationally

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The top nationally available return on 1-year certificates of deposit is currently 2.00% APY, much higher than you could have earned at this time last year.


Three banks are tied for that rate — Synchrony Bank, ableBanking and Live Oak Bank.

The main difference between those deals is the minimum deposit amount. Synchrony Bank has a $2,000 minimum, ableBanking has a $1,000 minimum and Live Oak Bank has a $2,500 minimum.

If you prefer to go local, you can earn up to 1.69% APY from credit unions and community banks, and we’ll tell you where to find those deals.

The top national yields

In early 2014, the leading 1-year rate on our CD Rates Leaderboard of nationally available bank certificates was still at its post-recession low of 1.05% APY.

Since then, the top rate has moved upward in a faltering pattern, but we’re finally starting to see some steady gains.

In total, 15 banks are offering 1.30% APY or better.

Of course, new offers can be unveiled at any time, so to get the latest read of the top CD rates, search Bankrate’s daily database.

Top National 1-Year CD Rates

Bank Yield Minimum Deposit
Synchrony Bank 2.00% $2,000
ableBanking 2.00% $1,000
Live Oak Bank 2.00% $2,500
EverBank 1.86% $5,000
State Bank of India – New York 1.81% $5,000
State Bank of India – Chicago 1.81% $2,500
Crestmark Bank 1.80% $25,000
My eBanc 1.80% $1,500
Popular Direct 1.80% $10,000
Marcus 1.80% $500 1.75% $10,000
Ally Bank 1.70% $25,000
Capital One 360 1.65% $0
First Internet Bank of Indiana 1.43% $1,000
Sallie Mae 1.30% $2,500


How to earn more with local deals

We track more than nationally available returns here.

That’s because the very best CD rates often come from community banks and credit unions that only accept savers who live or work nearby or are willing to jump through a hoop to become a member.

In the 12-month term, the two local offers below nearly match the leading nationally available deal paying 2.00% APY.

Top Local 1-Year CDs

Bank State APY Min Deposit
Peoples Transport Federal Credit Union New Jersey 1.69% $500
North Platte Union Pacific Employees Credit Union Nebraska 1.51% $10,000


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