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Earn A $100 Bonus From Bank Of America

Take advantage of this offer by opening a new checking account.

Bank of America has a new promotion that pays $100 for opening a Free MyAccess Checking account online.

There are surprisingly few strings attached.

This deal is open to new customers only and requires an initial $500 minimum deposit. You have to keep the account open for 30 days, and you must make one transaction with your new debit card during that month.

But that’s it.

The $100 bonus will be credited to your account within 90 days.

You will also be asked for a reference offer code: AOU261109.

MyAccess is also a good, no-frills checking account with no monthly fees, no minimum balance and no required direct deposit.

This offer is available until Jan. 31, 2010, but Bank of America says on its Web site that it “may terminate the offer before this date.”

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6 Existing Comments
  1. Cliff said:
    on November 28th at 09:25 am

    BoA, will not have anything ” free ” for very long. It will go away, watch your bank statement for the charges.

  2. Rudolf Schmidt said:
    on November 28th at 03:33 pm

    BoA has screwed me out of opening bonuses twice. Wholly untrustworthy.

  3. DR said:
    on December 2nd at 02:39 am

    It seems to be popular to criticize large, successful institutions like B of A. I suspect that the two above comments were made by people who have a gripe with the bank over legitimate charges (late fees, overdrawn checking accounts, for example). I have been a B of A customer for over 40 years and have to say that they have treated me fairly and honestly all of that time. They have never made an accounting error in any of my accounts and have even reversed some charges upon my (polite) request.

  4. adry said:
    on December 2nd at 11:11 am

    BOA screwed me too. I was supposed to get a $50 sign on bonus over 8 months ago. CSR stinks!Cant get a real person or a person that doesnt give you another number to call.

    Went to branch numerous times…emailed ,etc ,etc.

  5. Letitia Vaughan said:
    on December 4th at 08:01 pm

    Thanks for reminding me. I tried to open a large CD with Bank of America and they dithered around for two months claiming that the backlog was keeping them from finalizing the CD. I would call and I would be assured the CD would go into effect within the next few days. It never happened.
    I lost around $500 in interest just waiting for them to accept my money.

  6. DealMaven said:
    on December 22nd at 04:49 pm

    This offer hasn’t been warmly received by our readers. But Bank of America has extended the bonus until Feb. 28, 2010.